Class Policies

Math Class Polices


Find all homework assignments posted in OnCourse:


You must bring the following things to math class everyday:

    • Your math binder with paper

    • A pencil

    • Your completed homework


Homework - typically graded weekly and out of 5 points. Late assignments receive partial credit.

Classwork - typically graded based on effort and out of 2 points. Classwork can be turned in up to one week late fore partial credit. Classwork that is older than one week will not be accepted late.

Tests and quizzes - points will vary by grade. Tests and quizzes cannot be redone.


If you are absent from class, you are responsible for missed work. Check OnCourse for homework. Generally, students will have the amount of days they were absent to make up the work. In other words, if you are absent one day, you get one day to make it up. If you are absent a week, you will have a week to make it up.

Math Classroom Expectations:

In order to have the best possible academic year, students are expected to follow the classroom norms as listed below:

Failure to follow these classroom norms will result in a warning upon the first violation and a consequence upon the second violation.

1. No gum, food, or beverages (other than water) are permitted in the building, except for during the lunch period. (Lunches should be stored in the locker until the lunch period.)

2. No talking or making disruptive noises. Volume is kept to a minimum during group work time. Side conversations are unacceptable during independent work time.

3. Be prepared for class. Have all required supplies at all times. Students are seated in the correct seat quietly when class begins. Cell phones, electronics, coats and backpacks are stored in lockers. (Please note the school policy on electronics.)

4. All students must be respectful of others’ personal space and property.

5. All students must be seated in the learning position and working when tasks have been given.

Failure to follow these classroom norms will result in an immediate consequence.

1. No use of inappropriate language, arguing with the teacher, or talking back to the teacher.

2. No teasing each other-not even if you are “just playing” or if the other person said something to you first.

3. No throwing items in or outside of the classroom

4. No play fighting or running.

5. No dishonesty. This includes cheating and lying.

Consequences will be issued based on the severity of the fraction. Consequences include, but are not limited to:

    • Lowered participation grade

    • Lunch detention

    • After school detention

    • Administrative referral